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The Best Gym for Group Fitness Classes in Modbury

Are you looking for the best gym with group fitness classes in Modbury? Benefitness is your ideal place to get fit and healthy. We offer group fitness, functional resistance training, boxing, and cardio gym equipment to help you achieve your goals. At Benefitness, you can take as many classes as possible. We encourage everyone, from beginners to elite athletes, to keep their bodies fit. 

We are a family-owned and operated organisation focusing on wellness. Our team of professional instructors is always available to help you if needed. The team at Benefitness embraces the present moment and is glad to share this spirit with our fellow community members. As part of our mission to build a more inclusive place, we have introduced digital tools. We have the Benefitness app, online coaching, and progress tracking to help you stay focused on your fitness journey. Our state-of-the-art gym offers more than you would expect from a local neighbourhood fitness centre.

Group Fitness Classes Available at Our Gym in Modbury

Do you want to enrol in one or more of our group classes in Modbury? Please get in touch with us for guidance. Group fitness classes are a fun and interactive way to get fit and healthy. We offer live and virtual fitness classes. We have something for everyone, whether you need motivation from an inspiring instructor to get you moving or prefer a good old 2 a.m. workout. Our classes include, but are not limited to, the following; 

  • Core
  • Fitball
  • Boot camp
  • Rev50
  • Step
  • Tri Aerobics

Our group fitness program has a class to suit you. We have qualified professionals ready to help you, regardless of your body type, fitness coordination, or level. The key to staying motivated is finding something you enjoy. You can rest assured that you will find a class from our wide range, regardless of your age. 

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Why Choose Us for Group Fitness Classes in Modbury?

Are you looking to kickstart your fitness aspirations? Group fitness classes in Modbury might be the best environment to put you on the path towards a healthier you. It’s a fantastic social environment and an excellent way to meet new people. Do you need the motivation of an inspiring instructor to get you moving? Our live classes will get your blood pumping and give you the motivation you need to keep going. At Benefitness, we give you the benefits of personal training combined with the fun and flexibility of small group sessions. Our group membership delivers this perfect balance, so you get the desired results with the support of a team you will love.

As professionals, we prioritise knowing your goals and keeping you safe as you train. Every group membership includes an initial one-on-one session. At this point, we get to know you, your goals, the type of exercises you like, and whether you have any injury problems. 

We ensure you are on a different timetable and working on your fitness at your most convenient time, whether you join virtual or live group fitness classes in Modbury. Visit us today.

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