Pilates 341 to Change Up Your Lifestyle

Pilates Adelaide comes with a number of benefits, but one of the main pros to consider is the holistic approach to fitness. It tackles strength, cardio, posture and flexibility all in one! That’s why it’s a go-to method for those looking to bounce back from pregnancy or injury. At Pilates 341, we utilise reformers. They can effectively be used to improve all areas of the body, so we devise a combination of exercises and movements to really target muscles that facilitate the kind of change our clients are looking for. With consistent participation in our classes, you’ll be seeing and feeling the difference in your first month! But another great thing about the reformers at our Pilates Adelaide studio is the adjustable settings to accommodate different levels of strength. You work at your own pace, and we’ll support you throughout the journey.

Pilates Adelaide

Some of the benefits of joining our team

Why should you invest time in doing Pilates Adelaide alongside the professional team at Pilates 341? We’ve refined our service and methods to optimise your overall experience. Firstly, we keep our classes small and intimate to ensure our instructors have the opportunity to work one on one with individuals. We offer motivation and support of the highest level, and help you identify your own strengths and limitations. Even though we encourage you to challenge yourself and adopt a disciplined approach, we never intimidate you into going beyond what you’re comfortable doing. There’s even a variation of classes you can enrol in, from beginner to advanced! But most importantly—Pilates Adelaide with our team is enjoyable, and we take great pride in watching our clients become more comfortable as their capabilities grow. Start off with 2 for $20 trial and book your session online via the Benefitness App!

The History of Pilates 341

Our venture into Pilates Adelaide all begins at the Benefitness & Health Centre. Basically, we have a team of dedicated staff who are continually looking for new ways to help our client base achieve the results they’re looking for. Pilates is great because it’s easy to integrate into your routine, and we always mix things up to keep it interesting. But now—here’s a brief introduction to Benefitness. We’re a proudly South Australian owned and operated business with a fully equipped training facility that is open 24/7 for our members. We’ve taken a holistic approach to health; offering online workouts, nutrition coaching, classes, progress tracking services and more. To make our service more accessible, we designed the Benefitness app which provides you with all the information you need to establish a solid routine. Our personalised service is unparalleled in our field, so start your fitness journey with us!

If you’ve been contemplating changing up your health and fitness routine to reap a greater reward, contact us or make your booking via the Benefitness app. We’d love to help you kick-start your journey and introduce you to the benefits of Pilates Adelaide! You can reach us via (08) 8251 3011, by emailing sales@benefitness.com.au or by dropping by the Benefitness & Health Centre.

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