Pilates Moves For Beginners

Pilates Moves For Beginners

Pilates Moves For Beginners

The Best Pilates Classes for Beginners

Have you decided to take up Pilates? Amazing! You’ve made a fantastic decision to take your health and fitness to the next level. Are you wondering where to even start? Well, it’s your lucky day! Here at Benefitness, we want to make health and fitness accessible to everyone – so whether you’re coming in for classes, or would just like a few tips, keep on reading!

You may be asking yourself, what even is Pilates and why should I perform this type of workout? Well, Pilates is a full-body form of exercise where you can target almost every muscle in the body. This type of exercise is fun and is suitable for most people whether you’re a beginner or even an exercise addict! Therefore if you haven’t worked out in a little while, don’t let it deter you! You too can complete Pilates moves, even if it’s with a few modifications.

Some of the Pilates moves ideal for beginners can include kneeling arm and leg reaches, planks, hip dips and mountain climbers, among many others! However, if you’re unsure on where to start, a great way to gain knowledge is attending the PILATES 341 FUNDAMENTALS class. We have 8 reformer beds which allow for any extra attention & care needed from our instructors. The ideal class for newbies or returning Pilatiers!

Tips to consider when joining our Reformer Pilates Classes

If you are considering beginning Pilates Reformer Classes at Pilates 341 & have any concerns or enquiries regarding injury, recent surgeries, pregnancies or limitation with exercise you can email hello@pilates341.com.au and easy gain some feedback on whether or not this class is for you. No current issues and ready to jump straight in?… lets get started!

You can book your Pilates classes by either downloading our Pilates 341 app and registering for an account, visiting our gym, contacting us via socials, or booking through our website. Be sure to arrive early and keep your phone on silent throughout the class! As for things to bring, make sure wear your mask, to bring a towel and water bottle if you like. We recommend tying your hair up to avoid it getting caught in the springs, wearing the right exercise clothing such as  a well-fitted top that won’t fall over your head when exercising and tights/leggings. This allows for ease of movement, but also for our instructors to make corrections based on your postural alignment.

Purchase the 2 for $20 trial, which is valid for four weeks, or visit packs & book your session online or through the app. You can also add Pilates Reformer Classes to a Benefitness membership or even purchase once-off casual visits. Want to see our in house experience before visiting? See the video of our facilities here!

Call our team on 08 8251 3011 to start your Pilates workout & experience the best Pilates professionals ‘near me’

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