Getting Your Fitness in at Pilates 341

The Pilates 341 studio is the new hotspot for Pilates northern suburbs Adelaide. As the latest addition to the Benefitness Health & Wellness Centre, you get the same dedicated coaching and personalised experience that the company has become renowned for. Our classes are hosted in groups of 8, meaning there’s plenty of opportunity to work one on one with our instructors to refine your technique, and work at a pace that suits you. We’re all about challenge and growth at Benefitness, and one of the main benefits of reformers is that they’re can be adjusted to accommodate different levels of strength. As your skills and strength begin to develop, it’s simply a matter of changing the settings to test your limits. If you’re new to Pilates northern suburbs Adelaide or you’re looking to make your routine more exciting, book in your first session today!

Pilates Northern Suburbs Adelaide

What Does Reformer Pilates Northern Suburbs Adelaide Involve?

Why choose reformers for your Pilates northern suburbs Adelaide? Pilates is a series of slow, controlled and precise movements that actively target your muscles to help improve strength, flexibility, posture, and facilitate relaxation. Traditionally, this was just done on a Pilates mat and involved no additional training equipment. However, the introduction of reformers has been revolutionary, enabling further scope for improvement with the aid of springs which both resists, and facilitates movement.  But most importantly, reformer Pilates is fun! We come up with a number of different routines to really work your entire body, and of course the springs can be adjusted to offer the level of resistance that matches your capabilities. As much as we challenge and encourage you, we never intimidate you into doing anything you’re uncomfortable with! So, come along to one of our classes of Pilates northern suburbs Adelaide and see if reformers are for you.

Benefits and pricing structure

Pilates 341 runs on the same successful structure that Benefitness was built on, deeming us the go-to for Pilates northern suburbs Adelaide. Even though Pilates is designed to holistically address all areas of fitness, it’s great to incorporate other workout styles into your routine to keep things interesting and focus on different areas of the body. So, when you become part of the team at Benefitness Health & Wellness Centre, you’re entitled to a number of exclusive benefits that make adapting fitness into your lifestyle simple! You get access to: our cycle studio, cardio room, men/ladies only gyms, Technogym strength equipment, live and virtual group fitness classes—and both the Benefitness and Mywellness apps. With all this at your fingertips and no sign-up fee, joining our team is the ideal way to make fitness more exciting! Contact us to learn more or book your first class at Pilates 341 today.

Ready to start ticking off your lifestyle goals? With some guidance, tracking, support and a bit of discipline—anything is possible. So why not make it fun and exciting by starting out with the newest addition to Pilates northern suburbs Adelaide: Pilates 341! If you regularly participate, our reformer classes will guarantee results within the first month.

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