Benefitness & Health Centre’s Leading Spin Classes Adelaide

Improve your strength, increase your fitness and enjoy your workouts with the best spin classes Adelaide, found right here at Benefitness & Health Centre. We offer both scheduled or on demand sessions to accommodate our members, so now there’s no excuse not to join in the fun! Our state of the art RIDE Studio is available for scheduled RIDE30 and RIDE45 classes, or you can try our on demand Virtual LesMills THE TRIP and RPM classes and work out at a time that best suits you. At Benefitness & Health Centre, we want to motivate and inspire our members to reach their potential and achieve every fitness goal. We work with an on-going commitment to push the fitness boundaries and find new and improved ways to challenge our members. Take the first step, become a member at Benefitness & Health Centre, and join us in the best spin classes Adelaide.

Benefitness & Health Centre Ride Studio

So why do we consider ourselves to have the best spin classes Adelaide? Our live RIDE Studio classes will be like nothing you have experienced before. These high intensity, fast-paced cycling classes are as exhilarating as they are invigorating. Our spectacular cinema screen and outstanding sound system creates an astounding, animated riding experience – you won’t even feel like your exercising! Our Les Mills THE TRIP classes take it one step further and transport you into a virtual animated world; incorporating visuals with audio cues with your own class instructor, your 40-minute cycling experience will leave you feeling energised, invigorated, but most importantly, wanting to come back for more. Riders can also track progress and feedback during each session via the LED consoles, so you can monitor your heart rate, wattage, cadence, distance, calories, speed and resistance. Don’t hesitate, and book your seat now with the best spin classes Adelaide.

Services & Facilities

Aside from hosting the best spin classes Adelaide, we at Benefitness & Health Centre work to provide an unparalleled fitness experience for all. Our services and facilities include:

  • Benefitness App – Our members app allows you to instantly track your progress in the gym, create your own tailored workout, and track your food intake via our food library and barcode scanning.
  • Crowd DJ/ Spotify – Download the Crowd DJ app and pick your favourite tracks to work out to – you can even use your own Spotify playlists!
  • Platinum Studio Technogym – This technology logs your results on our strength equipment, remembers each individual program, coaches you through correct range of motion and counts your reps, sets and loads.

So not only do we deliver the best spin classes Adelaide, but we work with a strong vision and commitment to excel in all areas of fitness and health.

Forget the excuses, we want you! Start your cycling journey at Benefitness & Health Centre and join us in the best spin classes Adelaide. Contact us on (08) 8251 3011 to get started on your fitness today!

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