New to a Pilates Class?

New to a Pilates Class?

New to a Pilates Class?

It’s common to get nervous when you’re about to attend a Pilates class in Golden Grove. Pilates can take you out of your comfort zone despite its gentle and slow movements. However, it is natural to feel this way.

Doing Pilates delivers numerous benefits to every individual. According to an expert, those who love High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts will find Pilates ideal as a recovery day exercise. While Pilates has a low impact on the body, it improves your strength, flexibility, and posture. In other words, the training provides a refreshing and invigorating feeling. You don’t need a rest day from a Pilates workout.

Here are some Pilates tips to help you get started in achieving your fitness goals.

Patience is Key

Whether you’re a long-time athlete attending a Pilates class in Modbury or someone who wants to get fit, it is always recommended to start with the basics. Remember that this exercise involves a system. So, it would be best to solidify your technical foundation in the beginning.

People who take the time to learn the basics thoroughly will see a speedy progression in their Pilates sessions. Starting from the basics is just like beginning from a white belt in a karate class.

Also, remember that persistence is vital. It is crucial to persevere and consistently attend classes to achieve your goals. Please do not give up on those challenging exercises since they can be the best medicine for your body.

Dress Right and Light

Never go to the Pilates gym in Golden Grove wearing an oversized hoodie, sweatpants, and sneakers. Your body will quickly get hot, which isn’t ideal because you will be uncomfortable during your class. Also, heavy clothing will make you feel heavier since it will sag and relax with your body as you stretch. Loose clothing like yoga or capri pants and a tank top is perfect for Pilates class.

As for shoes, any light flat shoes (tennis shoes and ballet flats) would do. If you want to be barefoot during specific exercises like the Hundred, wear socks if necessary. However, remember that too much exposure to your feet will lead to foot issues. So, bring slippers along just in case.

Allot Time for Practice

Without practice, you will never improve your Pilates skills at your expected pace. It is vital to have time for some Pilates exercises in between classes. Use a small area in your home, either your living room or an extra bedroom, to practise your skills. If you’re a morning person, it might even be a good idea to exercise in your room.

Pilates can be a very satisfying and rewarding exercise routine. It is all about form and concentration, making it difficult for some people to stick to an exercise program. It is a great way to lose weight, develop core strength and improve flexibility.

Try Pilates today with Benefitness, and you will not regret it. We have a crèche, so you don’t have to worry about childcare during your classes.

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