Why More Men Are Beginning to Take Pilates Classes

Why More Men Are Beginning To Take Pilates Classes

Why More Men Are Beginning to Take Pilates Classes

Are you seeing more men taking casual pilates classes? The notion that this is a women’s-only exercise is such a huge misconception. Even the world-renowned athletes are doing Pilates. Some of them include Lebron James, Tiger Woods, Andy Murray, and the list goes on!

The person who started Pilates was a man named Joseph Pilates. Just like any other man, he smoked cigars and drank beers. He’s also a boxer who lived until the age of 84.

Let’s have a quick history lesson. Joseph Pilates created this exercise method during the First World War. It was intended to rehabilitate injured soldiers at the time. What he did was ripped off the springs inside the hospital beds and transform them into exercise equipment. In other words, it was an exercise originally intended for men.

Pilates Improves One’s Core Strength

Obtaining and maintaining one’s core strength is a vital part of a fitness training program. It’s an exercise that supports every physical activity, especially in the lower spine. With a strengthened core, men can keep themselves from back injuries, which are getting more common as people age.

Pilates is focused on the core. It enables people to power their limb movements. This is the main benefit of practicing Pilates.

Men Take Pilates Classes to Reduce Stress

While it’s typical to take yoga at Golden Grove classes for stress relief, Pilates also has the same function. Men are definitely seeing the benefits of this exercise for their well-being.

When you take Pilates classes, breathing exercises are part of it. The various breathing techniques practiced in these sessions help lessen the stress on the body. Since there is controlled breathing involved, Pilates can help people work out particular muscles.

The lateral breathing exercises have a stress-reducing ability as well. Breathing deeply forces the body into a goof state, which allows people to naturally attain a relaxed state. These were proven in studies by the experts.

Men Use Pilates For Enhancing Their Performance in Sports

Men who are into sports are now finding themselves Googling “reformer pilates studio near me”, that’s because they discovered that Pilates has benefits to their performance in the sports they love. It’s the very reason why popular athletes practice Pilates.

Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has shared the benefits of Pilates in his games. He revealed that it decreased their chances of getting an injury and keeps them in top shape.

Pilates gives people an edge over their opponents because of the physical and mental benefits it brings. The exercises deliver a boost in strength, stamina, concentration, and flexibility.

Did you recently have a sports injury? You can continue Pilates, as long as you tell your trainer about your condition. There are exercises you can still perform to maintain your performance.

Benefitness offers Pilates classes designed for different fitness levels. We deliver more than what a gym can offer. Let us help you achieve your fitness goals. Call us today for more information about our programs.

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