Pilates Vs Other Workout Routine: What is Right for You?

Pilates Vs Other Workout Routine What is Right for You?

Pilates Vs Other Workout Routine: What is Right for You?

Are you a fitness enthusiast looking for a new way to challenge & work your muscles? Perhaps, you’re taking the first step towards a healthier lifestyle? Whichever you are, you’ve probably heard or read about Reformer Pilates classes somewhere along the line, should you be giving this a go? Well, this article will discuss why you should incorporate Reformer Pilates amongst other workout routines.

What Is Pilates?

Believe it or not, Pilates was developed way back at the end of World War 1. It was originally developed by a man named Joseph Pilates as physical therapy to rehabilitate injured and wounded soldiers. When brought to America in 1923, the method had been refined to its maximum potential. Today, it’s more than just a therapy. It is a strength-based, full-body workout that aids with weight loss, easing of arthritis, back pain, joint injuries and toning the body to sculpting long lean muscles. To begin your basic Pilates routine you only need a mat and a few additional specialised pieces of equipment if desired.

Pilates Vs Yoga

Pilates and Yoga have a lot of similarities. Both can be done with only a mat or little equipment. They also require diaphragmatic breathing during exercise. Additionally, both need mental focus, which helps in reducing stress, finding your centre and balance while addressing ALL areas of the body.

Some people can hardly differentiate between Pilates and Yoga, which makes choosing more difficult. But if you get to know them well, you’ll understand how different they truly are. Many Yoga poses require more flexibility and range of motion & although they can be modified, a person with limitations or pain may find it challenging to follow along. Pilates is a great exercise for the elderly and those with mobility restrictions, especially due to the ability to modify and tailor movement to various fitness levels. Don’t be fooled however, Pilates exercises can be presented in increased intensities to challenge those who are full and physically able if you are looking to work harder.

Pilates Vs Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic exercise is any type of activity that strengthens the heart, lungs and muscles through long endurance-type movements. Running, jogging, kickboxing, swimming, cycling, skipping rope and dancing are the most common types of aerobics. While this type of workout can burn fat, it’s not for everyone.

Due to long periods of movement, aerobic activities rely on oxygen to burn calories and fat. This can increase the heart rate of an elderly person or someone with a sensitive condition, and the body may not have enough time to manage with the amount of oxygen needed. On the other hand, Reformer Pilates 341 in Adelaide can be a medium to fast-paced or even high-intensity routine that requires less oxygen, giving more time for recuperation, less stress on the heart & lunges while still focussing on an intense strength-based regime.

Pilates Vs Other Anaerobic Exercises

Anaerobic exercises are like aerobic but use a different level of energy. Instead of long intervals, anaerobic workouts include short bursts of activities. Pilates is considered an anaerobic exercise, but there is a wide range of other exercises, including weightlifting, circuit training, high-intensity interval training and more. If this is the style of training you enjoy try our Pilates CARDIO classes which incorporates interval training and strength-based exercises designed to incorporate both aerobic & anaerobic based movements.

It is important to understand that these types of anaerobic exercises can be harsh on the joints. Pilates is joint-friendly yet effective in strengthening, which provides more peace of mind and a great choice if you’re recovering from an injury, just getting started in fitness or love to work up a sweat but looking for longevity on the body and its joints.

While all of the above-mentioned exercises are great for the body, Pilates is proven to offer a more wholistic and safer approach to a modern fitness regime. If you’re ready to get started, find Pilates near me or contact PILATES 341 today!

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