Yoga for the Sleep Deprived

Yoga for the Sleep Deprived

Yoga for the Sleep Deprived

Did you know that yoga classes are not just for fitness enthusiasts in Adelaide and our Northern Suburbs but also for those who need better sleep? Yes, you read that right. Yoga sessions can dramatically help an insomniac person. Oftentimes, tense muscles and troubled breathing contribute to the difficulty of sleeping and this therapeutic activity can help minimise such situations. So, if you’re keen on getting a consistent good night’s sleep, keep on reading this article.

How Yoga Poses Help in Improving Your Sleep

You’d be surprised with how yoga poses that involve folding, moving, and twisting slowly can do wonders for relaxing and calming your body. That’s why finding a “Pilates or yoga classes near me” is also a popular search on Google. Yoga has a more intrinsic range of slow motions that are proven to help with insomnia.

While it’s natural to think you’ll be sweating by performing these poses, they only require little to no effort. In fact, most of the poses fall under the ‘isolation’ kind of movement where only a few limbs are needed to be moved.

Yoga Poses That You Should Try

Legs Up the Wall

This simple yet very effective yoga pose only requires you to place about 5 to 10 inches of blanket or pillow and put it on your back. While laying against the wall, relax your arms and slowly lift your legs to the wall. Hold this position for about 5 to 20 minutes until you feel the relief through your legs. This yoga pose is ideal after a long tiring day especially for people who have a highly physical job. Raising your leg can promote better blood circulation. This can ease the muscle, hence, provide you with a relaxing feeling.

Child’s Pose

This yoga pose will not be a famous stretching and cool-down routines if it does not offer the relaxation your body needs. From its name, all you have to do is sit on your legs, fold over your body to your legs and extend your arms. By holding this pose for about 20 to 30 breaths, you release tension from the spine which results in a calming sensation. This is most beneficial for people who spend most of their working hours sitting or driving.

Resting Half Frog Pose

You have probably seen this as a sleeping position but when done on a yoga mat and held for a few minutes, resting half frog is generally one of the most relaxing yoga poses. The nature of this pose targets the part of the brain responsible for emotions or feelings of danger. That’s why when the brain gets a signal from doing this pose, the body reacts to a feeling of safety and security. Therefore, calms and relaxes the body. Moreover, this pose is also restorative which helps in improving posture and blood circulation.

Don’t let the muscle tension keep you awake, whether you’re in Modbury, Surrey Downs, Fairview Park or Golden Grove, try these yoga poses or visit our studio for an exclusive experience.

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